Daily sustainability

Our journey to sustainability

Sustainability means aiming for environmental, social and economic welfare, it means knowing that every choice we make can have negative effects in the future.

Lanificio Bisentino, through small daily attentions, is concretely committed to sustainability. In addition to guaranteeing the use of recycled materials and offering certifiable products on request, the Lanificio believes that sustainability must necessarily be first of all social, and therefore it must concern the commitment of the individual.

In the offices, we all try in our small way to support the environment through new habits. We are convinced that through precautions that may seem imperceptible on the surface, we can slowly contribute to the health of the environment and the people around us.

Since 2014 we have embarked on an internal path towards sustainability, driven by the desire to contribute to a better world for future generations. Thinking in terms of sustainability and reduction of environmental impact is fundamental for us and results in concrete actions with the aim of establishing a pleasant relationship with the surrounding environment and the people with whom we deal.

In order to limit the use of plastic, everyone has their own water bottle, precisely because plastic is the most polluting material being the most widespread.

The digitization of all processes both internal and external is contributing to a 40% reduction in paper waste, aware that paper constitutes the majority of non-recycled waste generated by offices. Internally, we try to use as much as possible the tablets we have made available; externally, thanks to our app, suppliers can avoid the use of paper for the daily work performances.

Progetto senza titolo

As a Confindustria member, Bisentino has adopted the Codice Etico e dei Valori Associativi, whose charter of values and principles identifies sustainability and innovation among the fundamental cornerstones, and an approach aimed at an efficient and effective use of resources for the realization of sustainable processes for the benefit of the community.