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The Bisentino textile project took shape many years ago, with the establishment of two spinning mills able to meet all the needs of our customers. Over time it was decided to keep only one of the two spinning mills, the one that guaranteed the widest range of products possible, the Filatura di Spicciano , capable of carding and spinning a wide range of raw materials into counts that range from 3000Nm to 18000Nm.

in the following times we decided to invest in the production of finished garments such as scarves, stoles and blankets, simple garments where the raw material plays a fundamental role. The birth of ElleBi Italia marks a very important moment for the group idea: 3 companies to offer a service focused on quality, service and traceability.

Since the early 70s, spinning also played a role of primary importance for the control and reuse of textile waste, allowing us to reuse all the leftovers of weaving in addition to the usual “phrases” advanced in spinning. The optimization of waste has always been at the center of attention and today represents one of the fundamental strategic assets of our production companies.

In 2020 the Manifattura BiG was born, the first horizontal aggregation project implemented in the textile district between fabric producers, the result of the union of ElleBi Italia , which later became a division of Lanificio Bisentino and Gibiwear, a historic company for the production of accessories in the district.

  • Filatura di Spicciano

    Filatura di Spicciano

    The heart of Bisentino and BiG products.

    Carded yarn capable of producing linear, slub and buttoned yarns with yarn counts that allow the creation of products capable of satisfying every type of need.

    GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified, specialized for over 30 years in the production of recycled wool yarns.

  • Bisentino

    Lanificio Bisentino

    Lanificio Bisentino was founded in Prato in 1944 and since then has specialized in the production of both regenerated and virgin animal fiber fabrics. Today Bisentino is a young and dynamic company oriented towards the future, where sustainability is at the center of both historical products and the most innovative collections.

    GRS and RWS certified, Bisentino takes care of its products down to the smallest detail, starting with the choice of raw materials which then follows with transparent traceability throughout the supply chain.

  • Manifattura BiG

    Manifattura BiG

    The Manifattura BiG, based in Prato, has a 100% Made in Italy production chain, specialized in the use of sustainable natural fibers and regenerated material.

    Born in 2019 from the union of two historic companies for the production of fashion accessories: ElleBi accessories division of Lanificio Bisentino spa and Gibiwear.

    Two of the first companies in the district to produce accessories, have come together to create a leading company in the sector, specialized in the production service for the most prestigious brands in the world.

    GRS and RWS certified, the BiG Manufacture works with 100% transparent traceability.

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