Research and Contemporaneity

The result of continuous experimentation, the B + collection presents itself to the fashion world as a collection capable of reinventing the typical product of the Prato tradition. With B + Bisentino offers its customers the quality of tradition and the refinement of new technologies applied to fashion. Starting from the search for raw materials that the B1944 team carries out, the creators of B + products focus more on research and development of cutting-edge products and techniques. B + offers its customers coat and jacket fabrics for both men and women with a modern and refined taste


  • research is the cornerstone of this collection, a concentration and ideas , where every type of stimulus is poured into the product.

  • An entire collection where experimentation wins over everything. Finishing techniques taken to the extreme, over-processing on an unusual basis, dedicated manufacturing processes.

  • The meeting point of B1944 and BiTT®, a constantly evolving mix between tradition and innovation . The B + collection tries with each of its articles to give our customers extra inspiration. An ideal container to develop your ideas.
  • The same engineering and quality guarantee offered by Bisentino on all other products. Product and quality certifications inherited from the iconic qualities of the wool mill.

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B1944Tradition and culture Since 1944 in the world of fabric production, Lanificio Bisentino offers its customers the tradition and taste of the Italian fashione. Virgin Australian and New Zealand wools, South African mohair, Peruvian alpacas and Mongolian cashmere are just some of the fine fibers that Lanificio Bisentino searches and buys all over the world…

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