ZDHC: For a safer chemistry

Lanificio Bisentino decided to follow the guidelines of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) program, which planned to eliminate some dangerous chemicals from the supply chain by 2020.

ZDHC is an international program that is the result of several studies on pollution caused by the textile, tanning and footwear industries conducted by Greenpeace.

The main objectives of the Zero Discharge Of Hazardous Chemicals also include:

  • Eliminate or replace hazardous chemicals
  • Develop transparent processes to promote safer chemistry
  • Use of effective tools to improve chemical management
  • Develop collaboration with stakeholders to promote transparency about the chemicals used/discharged

The Roadmap to Zero is a path that analyzes three interconnected areas to improve the management of chemicals:

  • Input: is an area of interest develops and manages tools and guidelines that limit the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Process: is an area of interest that takes into consideration the tools to be implemented within the value chain.
  • Output: is an area of interest that supports and verifies the work done in the Input and Process phases. This also includes the analysis of ZDHC parameters related to waste water and air emissions.
    Within each of the areas of interest, it is in the interest of developing and maintaining the Zero Discharge Of Hazardous Chemicals guidelines, platforms and solutions to accelerate program development for a more sustainable tomorrow.


Defines the guidelines of the ZDHC


Ensure that processes and products are not contaminated by substances deemed dangerous


The tests are carried out on the waste water of the production plants


Platform to educate on sustainable chemical management


It is the global database for chemicals management